First Sleepy Owl Co. Giveaway!

Hi Friends,

To celebrate us reaching a milestone…over 100 Likes on Facebook (insert happy dance here), we decided to do our very first giveaway!!

We’ve received lots of compliments on the birth art created by Lisa POMROY Designs (see previous post). It seems you really love the concept ­čÖé As a result, Lisa and Sleepy Owl Co. are giving one lucky person free customized birth art!

To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Share this post on your wall

ONE winner will be selected at random after the contest closes.
**Contest ends on Sunday July 28th, 2013.** and is open to all residents of Canada. Good luck to everyone!

Don’t forget to visit Sleepy Owl Co. for all your party decoration needs!!!!

Art that means something

My house is a daycare. Ok, it’s not really but that is what it feels like. I only (I use this term loosely) have 2 kids but the insane amount of toys we have would indicate otherwise. When one walks in one sees toys, crayons, books, a play kitchen, princess castle…you get the idea.

Eventually I would like to finish my basement, but that is an expensive endeavor and not doable for the short term. I could get rid of all toys but that would make the girls unhappy. ┬áThe only space left to my control are the walls. I have had the same artwork hanging on them for 5 years, so I thought at the very least I can change up the artwork. That way, friends who enter can be temporarily distracted from the pain of having stepped on a Cinderella figurine ­čÖé

I thought about visiting a gallery or picking up some random framed images from HomeSense but then decided that it should mean something to me instead. Enter my pal Lisa, ┬áfrom Lisa POMROY Designs. I wanted some artwork for the girls’ rooms that documented the details of their birth (that way I can never forget them….mommy brain). I told her what colour scheme I wanted and here’s what she came up with… I simply have to find a couple of funky 8×10 frames and then I can put them up in their rooms.

I loved these so much that I decided I wanted something personal for myself and my hubby too. I once saw a poster in someone’s home depicting all the places that they had been together and fell in love. I asked my talented bud Lisa if she could make me something like it, and ya-ha, of course she could. I can’t wait to get this framed! Click on the image to see the full effect.

So while my home still looks like a daycare, I can at least block out the toys for a few brief moments in the day and look at my new artwork and smile. If you are interested in personalized art work for your own home, please let us know!!

Happy Monday everyone!

We did it! We did it! Lo hicimos!

Yes, that’s me getting carried away with the song from Dora. I can’t help it! We have been having a blast making this Dora themed party package. The banner was a bit of a challenge for us, (since we don’t own a Dora cartridge for our cricut machine), but there’s nothing like good old fashioned free-hand cutting to save the day ­čÖé I’d love nothing more than to show you a pic, but Swiper must have swiped my brain that day and I forgot to take a pic of it before mailing it to our client. If you’re reading this, send us a picture por favor!

We also created some accompanying cupcake toppers, tissue paper pom pom centrepieces, a party hat tag for the birthday girl and personalized loot bags for her guests – the whole sha-bang so to speak! When you put it altogether, it looks magnifico!

Up Next: A dino-mite birthday is in the works!