We did it! We did it! Lo hicimos!

Yes, that’s me getting carried away with the song from Dora. I can’t help it! We have been having a blast making this Dora themed party package. The banner was a bit of a challenge for us, (since we don’t own a Dora cartridge for our cricut machine), but there’s nothing like good old fashioned free-hand cutting to save the day 🙂 I’d love nothing more than to show you a pic, but Swiper must have swiped my brain that day and I forgot to take a pic of it before mailing it to our client. If you’re reading this, send us a picture por favor!

We also created some accompanying cupcake toppers, tissue paper pom pom centrepieces, a party hat tag for the birthday girl and personalized loot bags for her guests – the whole sha-bang so to speak! When you put it altogether, it looks magnifico!

Up Next: A dino-mite birthday is in the works!