A Little Man turns 1!!!

Mustaches, bow ties and spectacles – it’s always fun creating something new. When our client called me and said she wanted a party package for her son who is turning 1 and it was to be a “little man” themed party, I was floored. We have been wanting to use our mustache images for so long and this was the perfect opportunity! The photo booth props were my absolute favourite! I have to admit my girls and I had some fun with them before I gave them to the client 😉 Special thanks to the talented Lisa Pomroy DESIGNS for her part in creating the invitation and signage. I am so loving this collabo! Thanks also goes out to our client who sent us pics from the big day…Thanks for sharing S.!

P.S. Those cupcakes by Mama Lo’s look delicious 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Little Man turns 1!!!

  1. Wow! That all looks amazing! Congrats to all the ladies that had a hand in putting this package together and Aryan as well for turning 1. 🙂 Proud of all you gals, especially my lovely and talented wife! 🙂

    • Indeed it was hard work put up by the team in making this event really a success.congratulations!!!myself aryan grand father who flew in with aryan grand mother from indonesia for this joyous event.god bless wishes.kailash and ravina

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