Custom art for your little one’s nursery

Happy 2014! Only 1 month into the new year and boy, has it been crazy busy! We had 3 big parties on the go – stay tuned for posts about them, but for now, let’s talk about artwork for your little one’s nursery.

The moment I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, I instantly began day dreaming about designing her nursery. Some people don’t enjoy this sort of thing…but I get a kick out of it. Of course what I dream about and what I actually can afford are 2 very different things, but that’s besides the point. Still, there is a lot you can do to create a beautiful, personalized space for not a lot of money – especially when it comes to art for your walls.

Enter Lisa Pomroy Designs – have I mentioned how talented she is? She’s created some beautiful and affordable custom artwork for our friends and clients. Check it out!

For twins:

For a sweet little girl:

This was created for an animal themed nursery:

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