A panda party for my sweet girl

Since starting Sleepy Owl Co., I haven’t had the opportunity to make party decorations for an occasion in my family…until now. Kiyana turned 2 a few weeks ago (wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh insert my baby is growing too quickly melancholy here) We didn’t throw her a big party for her first birthday so she was due for a big one. Kiyana is crazy about the zoo and all animals in it. She’s especially fond of the pandas. If her birthday was in the Spring or Summer, rather than in the dead of Winter I may have considered having a party AT the zoo (yes, apparently they do that). My next best option was to throw her a panda themed birthday and we hired a fabulous company called Zoo to You as entertainment. I highly recommend them. A wonderful lady named Maxine brought 12 animals to our party. The kids LOVED it! Since Kiyana was the birthday girl, she had the opportunity to touch all of them. Her favourite was the house hippo…don’t feel bad people, I too had never heard of one and am still not sure what it is…I think a hairless guinea pig?

Here are some pics….and yes it’s true – my fearless daughter held a tarantula and wanted to kiss a snake!

I was having so much fun at the party that I almost forgot to take pictures of all the decorations. I have to admit, since friends and family know I started this party decoration business, I felt a lot of pressure to deliver!

The banner was my favourite, especially below the hanging tissue paper pom poms

We had a little photo booth fun too. And how perfect was it that there was a huge pot with faux bamboo in the party room we rented?! It was meant to be!

It was a tiring day, but worth it to see how much fun Kiyana had with her friends and the animals. And I had to throw it in, a rare family picture…this happens only once every 6 – 12 months

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