Some angry birds, a popular giraffe and a destination wedding

It was a busy Spring for Sleepy Owl Co.  Not only was I working on re-branding the website and my logo, I had a ton of orders to fill for some very lovely people. But first, a big thank you for all the referrals I have received as of late. I really appreciate the business!

Let’s start with a contest winner who won a free custom birthday banner and 15 cupcake toppers. The theme she requested for her son’s party was Angry Birds. Sidebar: this game got me through 5 hours of labour…loved it! (the game, not necessarily the whole labour part).

Next up: A Sofie the Giraffe themed party. If you’re a parent, then no explanation necessary. If not, Sofie is basically a cute, drool-inducing, rubbery and annoyingly squeaky toy that babies chew on to help with teething pain. My client asked for a banner and a cake topper. The cake topper was a challenge I must admit. Giraffes have an awkward shape to them, but they are cute nonetheless.

And finally, I had the pleasure of making wedding tags for a couple’s destination wedding next month. They will be handing out tiny bubble containers for guests to blow bubbles after the ceremony. What a sweet idea! I wish I had done it for mine. In case you can’t make it out, it says “Their love will grow with each bubble you blow, so blow well wishes at the new Mr. & Mrs.”

I also worked on 2 Frozen parties last month, posts to come…I’m still playing catch up 🙂

A friendly reminder to please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for me to complete an order. I have had to turn down a few customers which I felt really bad about. I do so because I don’t want to rush and compromise the quality of your product. So please contact me sooner than later!