Back to School!

Were there tears? Indeed! Were my kids crying? Negative. It was all me. I was a basket case this morning. I didn’t think I would be so emotional, after all, my eldest who started JK today had already been going to Montessori school, so this wasn’t a big change for her. I suppose starting an entirely new school, (one that goes to grade 8) solidifies the fact that she is growing up and it’s a bittersweet feeling. Let’s not even get into my youngest leaving home for the first time to start Montessori. I was 100% positive that she was going to have an epic meltdown, i.e. clinging to me for dear life whilst saying “mommy, don’t leave me!”. Her teacher asked her if she wanted to colour and in her nonchalant way she replied “yea”. End of story. No tears. No meltdown. Not even a glance back at us. I should be relieved she handled it well, but I’m a little ticked off! Kidding…sort of.

These moments, as precious as they are, will soon be forgotten. This is why I am trying to capture my children’s first day of school from now until they graduate high school so that they may look back at how much they’ve changed over the school years. Enter my good pal Lisa from Lisa POMROY Designs (who has changed the look of her website BTW). I asked her to create some chalkboard digital art for my girls…umm, I hope you know you have to do this for me every year now Lisa!

The plan: Get Lisa to create the artwork. Have child hold artwork and pose for a photo. Compile all photos in an album once they have completed high school.

If you like this idea and want to do the same, perhaps for your child’s birthday rather than for the first day of school (as one client did – see below), then let us know!

Wishing all kids (and parents) a wonderful school year!