More Convention Inspiration

At convention, Erica Cerwin, a demonstrator I follow on Instagram @pinkbuckaroo (I love her style) presented ideas on how to showcase the in colours at workshops. She showed us pictures of a vignette she created using a plank of wood. I thought it was beautiful and decided I needed to copy it ASAP! Not only does it present the in colours from the catalogue in a beautiful way, but it can also be hung at home as decor 🙂 You can see her vignette here.

I didn’t exactly have planks of wood lying around so in all honesty, I didn’t really expect that I was going to even make this. However, I walked into Homesense one day and saw the perfect frame to use instead. I actually began making this as a friend’s birthday gift but quickly decided I needed one too. So here’s my version…same, but not quite the same. You will see it with and without the ribbon in the pictures below (my apologies for the poor photo quality – taking pics at night with your phone isn’t ideal but I just couldn’t wait to share):

I hope my friend loves it as much as I do! I also decided to gift her with something else. When they announced that Phuket, Thailand was the destination selected for the 2017 Stampin’ Up! incentive trip, my friend mentioned that she wanted to create a vision board to inspire her. I decided to help her get started. I found a lovely box from Homesense (wow, 2 plugs in one post) and googled some images of Thailand. I printed those images and mounted them on some black cardstock, ready to be stuck on a vision board. I also used the Layered Letters Alphabet stamp set to spell out Thailand. It was so much fun to put these pieces together…I just know she will earn this trip! Go get it Z.!

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