Get your Paper Pumpkin on!

Happy Spring everyone! It actually feels like Spring today too. How un-Canadian! LOL Well today on "Watch it Wednesday!", I'd like to share a video my daughter (Kiyana - Kiki for short) made. She has her own monthly segment called "Crafting with Kiki" and it's basically her time to shine. In fact, she would love … Continue reading Get your Paper Pumpkin on!

What’s the deal with Paper Pumpkin?

So many of my friends and customers have asked me about Paper Pumpkin. Well, consider this blog post as Paper Pumpkin 101. Starting today, Stampin' Up! is having a BOGO sale for new Paper Pumpkin subscribers, which is why I figured I'd better tell you why Paper Pumpkin is so exciting. Have you ever wanted … Continue reading What’s the deal with Paper Pumpkin?