Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

I don’t often hold classes for kids, only 4 times a year: Easter, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. While I do love children, I feel extra pressure when designing for them. Kids can be tough little critics I suppose?? Anyway, this past Sunday was the Valentine’s Edition of Kids Can Craft. I typically design one card and 2 projects for them to take home. Here they are…

I found a cute little banner to set the mood. I also had cute Valentine loot bags for each guest, with candy, tattoos and an OWL eraser so that they could keep their projects safe for the trip home. Sadly I forgot to take a picture, d’oh.

Let’s start with this unicorn journal shall we? I have to say, this was a huge hit with all the kids. (In fact, the moms wanted one for themselves too). I have to thank Monica Gale for her step by step tutorial on making this unicorn. I personalized each journal with the kids names. I really wanted to find Kraft coloured journals, but had no luck and settled on these which worked out in the end.vday2
In lieu of a flower crown that Monica did, we made one with hearts which were more appropriate given the Valentine’s Day theme. We made the hearts with the itty bitty heart punch which is retired but so easy for small hands to use.vday3
After the unicorn journal, the kids moved on to the cutest little chapstick holder. I purchased Cherry flavoured chapstick for the girls. I got this idea from Debby Lakerveld. You can read her instructions HERE.
The chapstick siths nicely on the inside.
And finally, we ended the class with a card. Kids love pandas. I love pandas. I cased this sweet and simple card from Shelly Johnson because it included a bookmark. My kids love to read and we never have enough bookmarks!vday6
When you remove the bookmark, there’s a another panda underneath…just for fun!vday7
Happy early Valentine’s Day to you all! The next Kids Can Craft class will be held sometime before Easter. Check out my Events Calendar later this month for more details.


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